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What We Do

Norsam Technologies provides services at the microscale. Our staff is highly skilled in the art of creating microscopic features in diamond, molybdenum, platinum and other materials. For example, the piece at the right was sculpted from a particle of diamond dust using focused ion beam (FIB) technology.

Norsam fabricates diamond probes and tools used for hardness testing, metrology, imaging and other purposes. The size of the features we create ranges from submicron scale to a few microns in length.

Focused ion beam (FIB) processes are most effective for creating apertures in thin metals and ceramics at diameters of 10 microns to less than 500 nanometers.

Almost any graphic can be micro-milled into various substrates such as fiber optics for the fabrication of calibration standards.

Millions of images of text across only a few square centimeters in nickel, silicon, plastic and gold for spiritual and archival applications.

Talk to us

You may have a project in mind that requires a precise feature in Norsam Technology’s range of scale. It could be a custom aperture of a smaller diameter than is readily available for an Ebeam or optical device, or a much finer point or unusual geometry at the tip of a microscopic probe or tool that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Whatever it is, we’d like to hear from you.

In many cases, we can provide a demonstration test piece for your evaluation, so you can be sure our services are right for your project.


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