About Norsam Technologies

Norsam Technologies, Inc., a New Mexico corporation, was founded October 5, 1995 by John Bishop and two Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists, Roger Stutz and Dr. Bruce Lamartine. Within two years, 260 New Mexicans invested in the company as well as a large focused ion beam manufacturer.

The Company provides microscopic, high technology products and services to its customers. The company operates a focused ion beam (FIB) laboratory located in Hillsboro, Oregon and maintains a corporate office in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The company provides precision microscale products and services to microscopy, semiconductor, metrologic, materials science and other industrial and research customers.

Norsam’s original focused ion beam technology was under exclusive license from Los Alamos National Laboratory. The company cross licensed its technology with DeBeers to provide microscopic clear markings on diamonds and other gemstones.

In 2002 the company provided Long Now Foundation with its HD-Rosetta archival preservation metal disc, which landed on a comet in 2014 under the auspices of the European Space Agency. The company continues to provide archival preservation products for devotional and industrial applications.

Founder & President

John Bishop, President of Norsam Technologies, Inc. and Norsam shareholder, has served as a Director of Norsam Technologies since its inception in October of 1995. John sells the company’s products and services, works with Norsam’s technical staff and consultants and negotiates technology and business development agreements with other companies. In 1980, John helped found and develop Day Runner, Inc. (formerly Harper House, Inc.) of Los Angeles, California, a manufacturer of the Day Runner Organizers, and served as that company’s Chief Operating Officer from 1982 to 1986. John is the Founder of The MASTERS Program, an early college charter high school located on the campus of Santa Fe Community College.


Patrick Deshaye, Vice President and shareholder of Norsam Technologies, Inc., has managed and implemented all development and production operations at Norsam’s facility in Hillsboro, Oregon since 2008. Deshaye, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Washington, received his training in microscopy technology at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA and joined Norsam in 2000. The fabrication of unique microscopic features through the use of focused ion beam systems is Patrick’s particular area of expertise, and he has been granted two patents in microfabrication technology, presently assigned to Norsam.