About HD-ROSETTA and Related Processes

HD-Rosetta™ Analog

Operating with patents originally licensed from Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1998 in the field of focused ion beam technology, Norsam Technologies, Inc. developed a microscopic system for inscribing large amounts of written data into durable materials for archival preservation purposes. In 2001 Norsam Technologies, Inc. began working with the San Francisco-based Long Now Foundation to develop a three-inch diameter, microscopically inscribed nickel disc to accompany the European Space Agency Rosetta Project, which was launched in March, 2004. The disc was installed under thermal blankets inside the spacecraft and reached the surface of the comet 67-P on August 6, 2014. The Long Now Foundation web site indicates that “…with parallel texts and other linguistic information in over 1,000 languages, the Rosetta Disc captures a snapshot of language and cultural diversity in the 21st century.”


Patents held by Norsam Technologies, Inc. were licensed to DeBeers in 2001 for inscribing diamond gemstones with their Forevermark™. These patents were later sublicensed to Gemex Systems, Inc. to mark diamonds for customers other than DeBeers. Since these original patents expired, Norsam has provided focused ion beam marking systems and products directly to other interested parties.

Buddhist Nanofilm

Norsam Technologies, Inc. directly manufactures or organizes the production of unique nanoscale and microfluidic substrates utilizing multidisciplinary techniques such as focused ion beam microscopy, electron beam exposure equipment and advanced laser systems. For example, Norsam has developed processes to make possible the production of an over 600-meter (2000 Ft.) scroll core for Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheels, imprinted with a trillion mantras in Tibetan text.

Norsam Technologies, Inc. provides technical services for the production of micrographic labeling utilized for secure identification, packaging and jewelry tracking applications. Spiritual, historic and other types of data, such as the entire Bible or other extensive texts, can be fully reproduced as eye-readable, microscopic inscriptions upon surfaces no greater than that of a typical postage stamp.

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