Artifacts and Inscriptions

Microscopic focused ion beam inscriptions can be applied to nearly any surface which is smooth or polished enough to receive them. As a demonstration, a hair styling salon’s logo was once inscribed on a human hair.
The FIB inscription process can be used to apply security marks to valuable or otherwise carefully monitored products or property. Due to their microscopic size, these security marks are invisible to the naked eye but are prominently revealed under the proper illuminating conditions in optical microscopes.

Microscopic graphic inscriptions applied to fiber optic parts allow for the production of test pattern artifacts which are useful for installation evaluation and inspection.

Devotional, romantic and artistic inscriptions and marks can be applied to gemstones, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires or any other highly polished gem. The marks are invisible to the naked eye but fully legible and very beautiful when illuminated and magnified under the microscope.

Norsam licensees perform security marking on valuable gemstones at large scale, while the application of some trademarks and custom inscriptions continue to be carried out by Norsam Technologies, Inc.